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Games2Win Releases Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon

- Free Flash Game Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Historic Moon Landing

  • Press Release
  • Source: Games2Win
  • On Tuesday July 14, 2009, 5:26 am EDT

NEW YORK, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Games2Win, a global top 20 online games business, today announced the launch of Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon, a highly interactive and engaging online game that recreates the historic mission to the moon. The game's release is dedicated to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's success this July 20, 2009.

Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon is a free-to-play Flash game available online at on The game play recreates the first manned mission to land on the moon and the four critical stages that made Apollo 11 a successful mission. First, the player must skillfully launch the Apollo 11 rocket; then orbit the spacecraft around the Earth while traveling towards the Moon. Next, the player must land the lunar module on the moon's surface and finally re-enter Earth, ending the journey safely in the ocean.

Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon can also be played on Facebook - ( Players can challenge their friends in quests to the moon, recreating the space race between the USA and Russia.

"Games2Win is at the forefront of producing historical games for the 200+ million consumers who play Flash games each month," said Alok Kejriwal, CEO and co-founder of Games2Win. "Casual and social gaming span the ages and edutainment is an innovative way to excite and inform people about history. Games2Win's Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon celebrates one of the proudest moments of mankind and we will continue to offer similar titles in the immediate future."

Games2Win also offers consumers the opportunity to extend their Apollo 11 experience beyond the virtual world. Embedded in the game, consumers can click on a link to receive a paper model rocket design of Apollo 11 that can be downloaded, printed, cut and built into a real-life memento

The game links (portal and facebook), game video, images, and the rocket model are all available on this link:

About Games2Win

Founded in 2007 and based in Mumbai, India, with offices in the USA, Games2Win ( is a global top 20 online gaming business. One of the fastest growing flash games destinations in the world, Games2Win attracts more than five million unique visitors a month from across the globe. Games2Win also operates Inviziads - an in-game ad network that reaches out to more than 13 million unique consumers a month across over 5,000 websites. The company is funded by Clearstone Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank.

    USA Media Contacts:

    Karen Blondell / Andrea Schneider
    +1-310-922-5838 / +1-917-769-6060 /

    Sales Contacts:

    Steve Tucker - VP Business Development
    Phone +1-917-605-9366

    Alok Kejriwal - CEO and Co-Founder
    Phone +91-98200-82558

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