Snowball Battle Tips and Tricks

Pint sized potty mouths, Billy and Bobby, have gathered their neighbhorhood friends to battle each other in a snowball war. No one knows why they' ve grown so icy towards each other, but they will stop at nothing to send the other shivering home back to their mommy.

Choose your side, build your fort, and start tossing some snowballs. There are no rules, so go ahead and throw some snow boulders and snow bombs. Decimate your opponent's defenses and bolster your own in between assaults. Only Snowball Battle lets you destroy your opponent's fort and construct your own.
War is easy, when you' ve got balls.
Visit the store to purchase weapon upgrades, bigger forts, and enlist friends to help you win this war.

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- Upgrade your weapons in the store. Higher level weapons, like ice balls and snow boulders, do more damage and earn you more money on successful hits.

- Use ice balls and snow boulders to destroy your opponent's fort. Leave them nowhere to hide.
Throw big balls to score lots of cash and destruction
- Fix your fort before you attack. View the Repair Fort Tutorial. Attacking ends your turn.
Pick up fort blocks and move them wherever you'd like

- Billy and Bobby each have different fort designs. Billy' s forts are taller and built for attack. Bobby' s forts are more sturdy and built for defense.

- The longer the aiming arrow the more powerful your throw.

- Have you been working on your jump shot? Jump up and throw laterally at high speed to increase your destructive power and shoot over your opponent' s fort walls.

- If you' re getting hit a lot, move behind cover.

- Increase your chances of winning by visiting the store to find weapons, bigger forts, and enlisting friends to help you.
"Buy stuff." That' s the nicest thing Billy will say
- Desperate for cash? Destroy your own fort.


- Aim high for the treasure in the sky.
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