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Lock and load. Get ready, aim and fire! It takes a keen eye, sharp mind, and a steady hand to shoot an enemy down. Be it criminals, aliens, or zombies; it's up to your six shooter, machine gun, or sniper rifle to gun them down! So be alert and shoot with accuracy, in some of our top shooting games.
Head Hunter 2 Game - Shooting Games


High Noon Ranger Game - Shooting Games

How fast are you?

American Tank: Zombie Invasion Game - Shooting Games

Get the zombies before they get you!

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We have the guns and we are packing unlimited ammunition! Here are some heavy-barreled hits just for you. If these shooting games won't make you trigger happy, then nothing would! Fire away!

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Shooting Games: Play Free Online Shooting Games And Gun Games. This section has the best Online Shooting Games including Kill Osama Bin Laden where you hunt and kill the dreaded terrorist. Highway Outlaws lets you aim and fire at waves of criminals. In Assassin Jane Doe, you play the perfect killer as your hunt and kill your targets, then escape from the police. Play as a Zombie, a Fighter Pilot, a Cop or a Super Hero as you shoot, fire and blast your way through the best Shooting Games online!