Strategy Guide

Cards Wars is a turn-based strategy game. Your soldiers are the playing cards - use them to conquer the whole map.

Game controls
To attack drag-and-drop from your province toward the neighbouring enemy one.

To move your garrisons from one of your provinces to another use drag-and-drop technique, too.

To rearrange your cards click your province to open the sorting table and drag-and-drop the cards on it.

To sort your cards quickly in the ascending or descending order click the quick sorting button on the province.

Every province can attack only once per turn. And if the province received the reinforcement from the neighbouring one, its move is over as well. So, when

you are out of moves press the "Next Turn" button in the top left corner of the screen.

As the turn ends you receive additional cards, one per controlled province. The maximum nuber of the cards in the province is 7.

The battle in the Cards Wars is the series of combats between the single cards from the attacker's and the defender's decks. The attacking card wins only if it's stronger than the defending one. The cards go to battle one-by-one. In every combat the lost card is destroyed, and the victorious one looses one point of its value.

The side which lost 50% of its initial cards retreats. If it is the defender who lost the battle and there's no ways to retreat, the rest of his cards are destroyed.

The picture cards are stronger than the number cards. They are (in the ascending order): Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Joker.

The Joker is a unique and powerful card. It can defeat an ace. The Joker takes on the value of the card it defeats.

Experience points and power-ups

You receive experience points by destroying enemy cards and winning battles. If you stored enough XP, you can activate power-ups. There are 7 of them:

  • Support (costs 40XP): Additional dealing will be made: 1 card per province.
  • Long Leap (costs 30XP): Your cards will be able to jump over a province. This can greatly help your advance:
  • Stone Wall (costs 20XP): Your cards will fight to the end. They won't retreat in defence, and will stop attacking only when one card left:
  • Railway (costs 60XP): You can move cards on your territory unlimitedly. Use this ability to create strong attacking group near your borders and strike the enemy then:
  • Spyglass (costs 30 XP): You will be able to see all the enemy cards. Use this ability to plan your attack effectively:
  • Shield (costs 10 XP): Your cards receive defense bonus of +1:
  • Sword (costs 10XP): Your cards receive attack bonus of +1:
The effect of all the powerups except Support lasts for one turn. Once activated, the powerup becomes more expensive to be activated again.

How to be victorious
In most cases you'll use the descending sorting to arrange your cards before battle. But the wise move is to attack the top card from the enemy deck not with your strongest card, but with the smallest card, which is yet stronger than the defender.

If you have a stack made of mostly weak cards, you can sort it in the ascending order and send to a suicidal attack. This will weaken the enemy deck and provide the useful information about the enemy inner cards.
Try to surround enemies to destroy their major forces with one strike.

Playing against multiple opponents, pay attention to the game statistics. Don't let any of them to grow too strong. Somentimes you may want to postpone killing your current enemy to prevent another one from gaining more power.

If you decided to attack, attack hard enough to avoid your enemy striking back and recapturing the lost territories.

It is good to secure some kind of peninsular and then send the reinforcements from the rear provinces to the front.

Have fun and we hope that you enjoy then endless strategies of Cards Wars!
If you have any tips, map ideas, strategies, or any suggestions for elements that you'd like to see in Cards Wars let us know at We'd be happy to hear from you.